Amber Teased to Orgasm

Amber Dawn, a luscious forty year old in sheer black nylon stockings and nothing else, is bound with blue ropes to a wooden chair, a matching blue ball gag between her lushly painted lips. She sighs as she struggles and drools, her wrists and thighs tugging at her bonds, her naked titty handfuls and shaved pussy exposed and ready to be played with…


Enter tattooed Missy Minks in a white bra, blue panties, lacy blue garter belt and white stockings, and carrying a big vibrating Hitachi wand with which to tease the helplessly restrained MILF. Standing over Amber, Missy caresses her hair, fondles her boobies, and presses the vibrator down on Amber’s vulnerable snatch.

But this is going to be no easy cum for Amber, as Missy delights in tantalizing her but not bringing her to climax right away, and even letting Amber tug at Missy’s nipples to further excite herself. Missy is clearly a virtuoso in using the wand on a writhing specimen of helpless femininity, varying the toy speeds as she brings Amber close to orgasm, licking at her nipples, even rubbing the wand against Amber’s ball-gagged lips, and choosing when she’ll let her eager victim finally explode. And wait till you see Amber bucking on that toy in the flick’s final minutes!!


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