Daisy Ducati Spread and Vibed

Daisy Ducati is naked and spread eagle, with her wrists and ankles secured to the bondage frame, laying on her back on the floor. Tugging on her bonds, she knows she’s going nowhere. There’s a Hitachi wand positioned at her shaved snatch, and she rubs herself against it even though it’s not turned on. She seems to be getting some pleasure from its slumbering self when suddenly the vibrator buzzes on and she gasps in surprise, her eyes rolling back in her head as she takes deep breaths—hoping she’s about to go on a ride that’s going to blow her pussy to delicious bits!!


A big smile crosses Daisy’s face and she licks her lips as the toy sends its thrilling throbbing through her fleshy pie. The way she grits her teeth and grins, rubbing her cunny against her mechanical companion, is almost like watching a porn star fucking a living stud!!

But this Hitachi is a teaser: turning on and off, off and on, just as she’s getting close to the peak, tantalizing Daisy until she moans to be taken over the top by its quivering power!! Will she ever get to finally reach orgasmic paradise or be left shaking in climax-denied frustration? You gotta see the video to find out!!



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