Girls Gags Rope and Orgasms

Just imagine having these three feisty babes roped together on your living room couch! Dolly Leigh, Juliette March, and pierced tattooed tasty Missy Minks are bound together with purple rope across their thighs and wrists, and black rope over their crotches to secure throbbing Hitachi wands to their exposed pussies. They look at each other in helplessness as the drool slips out of their lips around the gags, and they writhe as their cunnies surrender inescapably to one forced orgasm after another.


We can tell by their high-pitched squeals and non-stop moaning that, try as they might, our heroines are going nowhere but to Orgasm Land! Wait till you see Juliette get that faraway mindfucked look over her black ball gag as she hits yet another climax. She even naughtily presses Dolly’s vibrator even closer onto her clam to help Dolly cum faster.

All their pretty naked bosoms look so soft and inviting, and wouldn’t it be nice if we could just step into the picture and play with their nipples and boobies while they looked up at us and kept cumming on those vibrators? Or maybe it would be fun to tickle their bare soles, too? These are just some of the fantasies set off by this torrid threesome in rope!

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