Orgasm Assistant

Dolly Leigh has tattooed Daisy Ducati just where she wants her, naked and firmly frog tied on the floor mat in rope bondage, her arms and breasts bound too, with a red ball gag that keeps her drooling throughout her ordeal. Even though Dolly is free to move and nicely attired in black lingerie as she plays with Daisy, just for kicks she’s wearing a ball gag too.


She spreads and inspects Daisy’s pussy, and knows it’s ready for the Hitachi wand. Daisy tries to resist, groaning under her gag, but Dolly wants to see her friend uncontrollably cum under a blitz of forced orgasms! The buzzing of the toy against her bare crotch soon gets Daisy squealing and writhing, her red curls tumbling around her head as Dolly turns her over to fully expose the Ducati peach and apply full wand pressure to it. Daisy can only cry out and bite her gag harder.

Dolly plays with Daisy’s nipples as she keeps working that wand, or resting her hand against her tawny tummy, even as Daisy writhes and drools on her way to the inevitable explosion of her exposed, oh-so-vulnerable shaved snatch!

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