Pennie Spread and Vibed to Orgasms

Pennie finds herself spread-eagle on the black-cushioned bondage bed, nude with her wrists and ankles secured to the corners by purple rope. After looking around at her predicament, the helplessly naked brunette beauty suddenly feels the Hitachi wand, positioned at her bare shaved crotch, flick on. As if to dramatically emphasize this point, our camera moves in quickly to a closeup of her luscious cunny under the buzzing head of the toy!


There’s just something that Pennie Reed does with her hands, and the manner in which she twists and struggles in her bonds, that makes any video with her special. Her hard little nipples, the arching of her back, the way her tummy ripples and she gasps, “Oh, help me, ohmigod,” are so exciting to see! It’s thrilling to watch her feet with their polished toenails curl and her toned arms tug at her restraints even as her pussy gets off again and again.

Here is a strong and really pretty girl tamed by tight ropes! But even as she writhes around, after she hits her peaks, little smiles of blessed pleasure cross Pennie’s lips.

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