Strapped Down and Climaxing

Utterly helpless, held down on the floor with buckled leather straps across her upper arms, wrists, waist, thighs and ankles, Cheyenne Jewel is totally at the mercy of the buzzing Hitachi wand which is tightly strapped onto her black-pantied crotch. On her fingernails and toenails is pink polish, the only evidence of a more normal life…as even her face is obscured by a black leather harness which covers her mouth.


See Cheyenne as she sighs and pants under the constant stimulation of the vibrator, her firm breasts with their light brown nipples upright and quivering with the rising and falling of her breath. She whimpers a little, clenching her hands as she moans in her restraints, groaning in relief as a climax finally hits and takes her mind away momentarily from her predicament of inescapable bondage!

Savor this lovely honey-haired girl in her video and photos as she experiences one erotic peak after another, bringing her even to the toe-curling edge of cackling laughter, delirium, and maybe even madness!!


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