Lady in Red

Sitting in a cushioned wooden chair, her wrists, arms, and ankles bound with rope, redhead southern belle Katy Kiss feels the touch of the Hitachi wand secured and pressed against her shaven vulva. The black ball gag in her mouth may render her speechless but she’s got lots of moaning to do as her teeny pink nipples stiffen and she writhes in her bonds.


The speed is increased on the vibrator’s throbbing and Katy keeps rubbing her pierced pie against the head. Although she’s tightly tied, Katy is obviously digging her mechanical lover, clenching the arm rests of the chair as she grows in excitement. Her expressions as she feels her body moving toward orgasms are a turn-on, her eyes narrowing, a little furrow appearing in her brow.

Catch the whole Katy Kiss experience with her red lingerie photos and pussy rubbing before bondage, and then watch her struggle and cum on that chair in her movie!

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