Spread Eagle Dining

Bound hand and foot on the table, a Hitachi wand secured at her closely trimmed pussy, brunette cutie Charlotte Cross laughs nervously through her pink gag at her bondage predicament. Her nipples harden and she moans and squeals as the wand comes to life, sending vibrations through her snatch.


We get some great closeups of both Charlotte’s immovable wrists and her helpless crotch as she strains at her bonds with the ever-increasing throbbing of the toy on her vulnerable core. Her fists clench, she whines and aches and looks down at her exposed pie pressed against the wand.

As her orgasm approaches, her sighs fill the room and she quivers from long hair to bare toes! Her boobs look especially sexy, naked and so touchable as she arches her back in climax. Combined with the slide show of photos showing a smiling Charlotte in a pretty dress before she’s tied down, this is a really fantastic show you’ll watch again and again!

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