Straight Jacket Struggle to Cum

In her photos, Katy Kiss is a 5’9” feisty-eyed reddish blonde firecracker standing with her 34-26-32 bod frosted in black lingerie and stockings, but that fiery energy is just as apparent in her movie too when she’s laying on the floor on her back in a straight jacket, her arms immobilized but her crotch very much active as her naked hairy pussy is pressed up against the Hitachi wand which is secured by straps at her crotch.


Katy writhes, she twists this way and that, even as the wand pulls her closer and closer to total release. Her feet, clad in the sheer black stockings, flex and clench against the floor, her gray eyes open wide and close tight with each vibration at her core, and in her utter restraint she finds the road to ultimate orgasmic bliss!

See Katy gasp and grunt and mutter “Oh fuck” under her black ball gag, her reddish blonde hair splayed out on the dark green floor, as she arches her back, bucks her box into the wand, and scuffles her feet and aches toward ecstasy! Our camera bring every minute of her lovely ordeal close up to you.

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