Tattooed Mega Babe is Made to Cum

Kleio Valentien is a stunning blonde with a gorgeous, sexy, warm and friendly face—and a curvy busty body graced with some incredible tattoos. She really stirs up our hungers in her preliminary photos, dressed in a short black leather dress that emphasizes her cleavage and her pantyless shaved pussy; so then, to see her tied spread eagle with black rope to the bed, ball-gagged, still wearing her super-high designer heels, and with the Hitachi wand tightly placed at her pussy with black straps is, like, WOW. A truly hot thrill!

Kleio writhes and tugs at her bonds, her naked butt against the blue quilt, but she is going NOWHERE. And she knows what she’s in for once that humongous toy is flicked on! Our cameras examine her closely, inch by inch up from her sexy shoes and polished toenails and along the flowery tattoo on her thighs when suddenly the wand buzzes on and we can hear the sharp intake of Kleio’s breath and her immediate moans. She is going to cum like a little sex beast for us, with one lovely forced bondage orgasm after another!

Our lenses capture the action from bed level and high above too, and especially from the angle of the wand up to her pretty face. How beautifully helpless is Kleio in all her tattooed splendor! Her nipples are as hard as pebbles as she pants and moans, our luscious captive. The beauty of her deliciously restrained body and her girlish voice whimpering for ultimate relief through her ball gag will make YOU explode time and again…and again!

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