Not So Innocent

Cassidy Klein looks calm and collected and almost innocent in her photos, as she poses in her blue denim shorts, t-shirt and bare feet, and then strips down; but after she’s ball-gagged and rope-bound in the middle of the room, her feet and wrists secured to a stool and her thighs to metal stanchions, she proves to be anything but quiet! Cassidy almost sobs in ecstasy as her pussy is subjected to the Hitachi treatment, her crotch sent into high gear.

Drool drips from Cassidy’s ball-gagged mouth, down along her chin and her taut torso right into the little triangle of closely trimmed hair above her otherwise smooth cunny. She arches and writhes in her bonds, raises her eyes skyward, her hands and feet twisting at their restraints as she reaches one sexual peak after another.

As these bondage orgasms hit, Cassidy mewls and whines and yips under her ball gag, like a wild female creature in captivity. It’s said she likes bondage as a type of therapy in which she can let go and give up control; if that’s the case, by the end of this clip she must be fully cured of whatever brought her into “therapy” to begin with!

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