Hogtied and Struggling to Cum

Charlotte Cross is in a hogtie bondage fix! But that’s great because she savors the sensation of being restrained helplessly as the orgasms burst forth under the horny humming of the Hitachi wand.

Char’s arms are box-tied with blue rope behind her, and her luscious big-nippled breasts are plumped out by the ropes around them. Her thighs are bound to her ankles, and that throbbing vibrator is securely fastened at her lightly hairy pussy. Her French-pedicured feet are bare.

Our girl’s mouth opens wide and her brow furrows as she looks down to see the mayhem that toy is causing in her muff as it sends its power through her crotch and propelling her to one climax after another. Char’s snatch looks so meaty under the buzzy head of the wand as she writhes her legs on the white comforter of the bed.

Our cameras come in snug for closeups so you can almost imagine playing with her clit as she twists around, as much an orgasm machine as a person now! But the best is still to come as Charlotte turns over on her tummy to reveal the black wand sticking up between her crotch next to two round and fantastic tan-lined cheeks as her hands flail fruitlessly to escape the wrist ropes. And the moans and squeals of this bound beauty will be music to your ears!




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