Bound on a Sybian

“Ordinary’s Just Not Good Enough” reads the inscription under the tattoo of a bizarre green pinup girl on Kleio Valentien’s right arm—and that seems like the philosophy of this hot inked blonde, who tantalizes us in her photos with both her tats and her tight body in pink bra and panties. Once she’s naked in her movie, though, we see Kleio ballgagged and bound to a Sybian saddle, with her legs frogtied, her arms boxtied  behind her, and her hard-nippled boobs thrust out under a configuration of purple rope.


Biting down on the pink ball gag, her hair falling forward as she writhes in her restraints, Kleio cannot escape the perpetual throbbing of the Sybian attachment, snug against her vulnerable shaved pussy and hairy mound. Kleio almost laughs happily as the waves of pleasure rumble through her crotch and over the rest of her body as she rocks back and forth on the saddle.

The saliva seeps out of her mouth and down from her lips as Kleio grins and almost giggles over her gag as her body surrenders to the endless stimulation at her snatch, but then when we suddenly increase the speed of the saddle, she’s not laughing so much anymore and instead is sighing and gasping, hunching over and crying out in endless bondage orgasms. Check out her drool-drenched climaxes as she both struggles against and cooperates with the machine, ultimately riding that Sybian like a tongue or cock. When the device is finally turned off, she almost weeps in relief!




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