Kneeling, Post Tied, & Made to Cum

Cassidy Klein has a tight toned body which she shows off with a spunky look in her eyes as she peels out of her purple satin lingerie in her photos. But then, when her movie begins, she’s kneeling and bound by her wrists, ankles, and waist with rope to a post. In a way, you could say she’s hogtied using the post. She’s not going anywhere but to Orgasm Land once the Hitachi wand securely moored at her hairy pussy is turned on!


From the bright red ball gag in her mouth, the drool starts to slide down her chin and between her cleavage, even as she struggles against her restraints but with no success. We get to admire the firmness of those beautiful tits as she writhes, and we wonder what it would be like to take a suck or a lick or a squeeze of those pretty boobies…

We can see her immediately weakening once the vibrator is flicked on, and rather than totally fight it, Cassidy moves her pussy back and forth to increase her pleasure. She looks skyward as her body tingles with this forbidden bondage bliss, her voice breaks into whimpers like those of a puppy, and her eyes turn into slits and her hair tumbles forward as she sighs and moans, caught up in delights she cannot escape and which will continue only until we have decided she has had enough! And her last shuddering squeals of erotic relief as she twists against her bonds are something to behold!

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