Reverse Hogtied Orgasms

Cassidy Klein starts out in her photos in a cute two-piece striped top and bottom, but as soon as those items are moved aside we can see the brunette ballerina’s pretty titties above and half-shaven pussy below. Then, as her movie starts, Cassidy’s immobilized in a reverse hogtie on her back so we can watch the flowing and undulating lines of her fit form in rope bondage. A half-face mask and head harness almost obscures her identity as she writhes with her wrists tied to her ankles even before the Hitachi wand goes on.


Once the vibrator begins buzzing, Cassidy continues tugging at her bonds, palms up, fingers alternately  clenching and splaying, even as she opens her eyes wide. She bucks against her restraints as the bondage orgasms hit her one after the other. Whining and yipping and squealing against the black mouth mask, she’s like an engine of sound, aching out a damsel-in-distress symphony, even as she manages to sit up in her non-stop rebellion against the inevitable climaxes that soon drain her body into a very limp state at the conclusion of this new Fragile Slave thriller!

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