Here Kitty Kitty!

Cassidy Klein puts her toned ballerina body into the playful kitty mode in her photos for this new scene, wearing pink satin cat ears on her brunette head as she moves around in her purple and black lingerie. She stretches herself like a kitten, then gets down to stripping, although the black thong panty that covers the crevice of her cheeks barely even covers her asshole to begin with!


When her movie begins, Cassidy finds herself in ropes on the black-cushioned bondage bed, laying flat on her tummy with her wrists bound separately above her and her legs tied separately as well, with her left leg stretched out but her right leg bound around the knee and pulled upwards, which helps to superbly show off her curves.

Totally immobilized in her ropes except for her writhing fingers and curling bare soles, Cassidy is at the mercy of the Hitachi wand placed at her pussy, which sends her into spasms of ass-shaking arousal as she moans, squeals, whines and purrs against the black bit gag in her lips. With the light nicely accenting the roundness of her vulnerable bottom, Cassidy looks hot indeed as she surrenders time and again to the unstoppable forced orgasms which rock her soul until she’s grasping at the air with her fingers—before ultimately closing her eyes and slumping into exhaustion after her final climaxes!

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