Big Boobs, Bound, and Cumming

After doing a nice little striptease out of her black lingerie in her photos, busty Asian babe Mia Lelani is next seen in her movie standing and bound by her wrists to a wooden frame with her arms upraised. There is nobody else in the lonely warehouse to hear her moan and slurp against her black ball gag as she tugs against the purple rope that binds her ankles in their black strappy shoes to the frame as well.


By the time the Hitachi wand goes on, the drool has already slid down Mia’s torso into her patch of pubic hair, and she writhes in her restraints as the forced orgasms build. It’s almost as if she’s doing a bondage dance in this new Fragile Slaves video, rotating her pelvis against the throbbing of the toy tightly tied to her twat.

Our cameras come for closeups on her feet as she pulls against the ankle ropes, and then move up to her crotch as it twists against the relentless buzz of the vibe; and then our lenses continue up her body to show Mia’s hard nipples, her bare underarms, and her disheveled brown hair as she bites down on the ball gag in insistent arousal. She stomps her heels on the floor and whines and whimpers but there is no escape from the cumming, as you’ll see in this new rope bondage thriller!!

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