Humiliating Hogtie

Wow, in her photos Elle Alexandra looks really pretty and sweet in her colorful frock, but then whoops! her purple lace undies seem to suddenly slide down her thighs to rest at her knees. Panty elastic accident, LOL! That was a classic theme in 1950s pinups, and indeed Elle has a cute pinup girl expression as she is astonished by this development, even as she then lifts up her hem to show off her round pink tush and mostly shaven pussy. Soon enough the whole dress comes off and we see Elle in the delightful nude, her dress puddled at her feet.


Then, in the rest of the photos and her new movie, Elle lays naked on her tummy on the floor with her arms box tied with rope behind her, her calves frog tied with rope to her thighs, and the Hitachi wand strapped to her right thigh and positioned close to her bare box. Close—but not quite there. With a red ball gag in her mouth, Elle is quite the hogtied pinup girl now! Stripped naked, bound, and humiliated in her utter helplessness.

When the vibrator flips on, Elle lets out a little defiant laugh, and no doubt figures that if she’s gonna be trussed up like this, she might as well have a few bondage orgasms. But it’s tricky getting the head of that vibrator to hit the right spot consistently on her snatch, given where it’s strapped on her leg, so amidst lots of sighing and moaning and squeals, she works herself onto her back and writhes around trying to improve the situation—which she does, to the arrival of one climax after another in her vulnerable pink peach!You’ll love the shot of hogtied Miss Alexandra when she’s back on her stomach, her bare feet with their dark polished toenails shaking with every orgasmic twitch; and then, you’ll go wild for the angle when she rolls onto her back once more, with a great view that reveals the vibe pressing against her veeg in the foreground, while the rest of her nude body quakes in the background! As the drool slides from her ball gagged mouth to the floor, Elle gets the relief she craves!!

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