Purple Passion

After a really exciting photo tease in her purple lace body suit, which she peels off to display her big boobs, hot ass, and shaved vulva with a triangle of dark pubic hair above, Asian brunette beauty Mia Lelani finds herself in strict and complicated restraints in the empty warehouse: laying on her back, in blue rope bondage with her wrists pulled high above her, a matching blue ball gag in her mouth, her right leg stretched out and her ankle bound with rope to the corner of the bed, and her left leg secured to the bed frame and cleverly frog tied to her thigh with her left foot also tied to her knee!! You have to see it for yourself to appreciate the full wonder of her inescapable situation.


And she’s struggling, as our many skillful camera angles capture in detail, wiggling her bare feet, tugging at her wrist restraints, but then subdued for a few moments in her writhing when the Hitachi wand, planted at her vulnerable pussy, suddenly flicks on. Then in a matter of seconds she can’t help but wonder how many orgasms her body is going to be subjected to!

Biting down on her gag, closing her eyes tight and undulating her torso in waves as her arousal builds, Mia’s moans and groans fill the air as she feels the inevitable happening. One of our noisiest bondage honeys yet, her sighs become louder as the vibrator’s speed is increased, and she shakes and cries out and practically sobs through her ball gag as she hits one climax after another. You’ll love the sight of her entire naked body shuddering as, her nipples stiff and her pink polished toes wiggling like crazy, Mia submits and explodes in her latest Fragile Slave movie!

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