Kleio Leather Balltie Escape

Tied tightly into a human ball with leather straps, sitting on the floor of an empty warehouse, her mouth obscured by a face harness, her hands secured behind her back, Kleio Valentien faces a tough challenge. But, Houdini-like, she perseveres and gets the main black leather strap binding her torso to her legs to slide down behind her. We watch the tattooed blonde beauty as her bikini body twists with her efforts to next undo the straps that frogtie her thighs to her calves. Pulling at the buckles, she makes slow but steady progress but still has a long way to go even by the midpoint of the video. Her agile fingers tug at the buckles even as her bare feet, dusty from the floor, slide and wiggle; but Kleio is determined to escape! See all her admirable exertions to free herself, legs and wrists and face, and then to walk triumphantly away, in this new movie!


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