Juliette Hogtied, Gagged and Stripped

Juliette March is in for a real hogtied bondage predicament! But first, the brunette looks so cute in her outfit: flower print halter top, blue denim short-shorts, and wedge sandals. A red ball gag fills her mouth and her wrists and ankles are tightly tied with rope bondage. Panting and groaning, she writhes around on the floor, laying on her stomach and trying to reach her ankle bonds with struggling fingers.

Sitting up, the drool dripping onto her lap, Juliette sobbingly tries to get out of her restraints, and then stretching her legs, gasps “Help, please,” through her gag. But the lithe lass is clearly well-bound and faced with a massive escape challenge.

Soon enough she’s stripped half out of her halter and jeans, her bare hard nipples exposed and her pretty pink mesh panties on view. And now she’s hogtied as well. Her frustration at her inability to escape only builds, but those nipples of hers stay nice and hard! There’s a glimmer of hope as she works on the ropes tying her wrists to her ankles—will she make her escape? You’ll love watching Juliette writhe and roll, clunking her wedges down on the floor in futility as she goes nowhere fast in this Fetish Pros thriller!

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