Charlotte Spread Eagle

Curvy and busty brunette Charlotte Cross finds herself naked and spread eagle on a black slab on the floor of the empty warehouse: tethered by her wrists and ankles with rope, and additionally with a rope around her neck. Her nipples are hard from the git-go as she looks around wide-eyed at her solitude and her inescapable bondage predicament. Then the Hitachi wand planted securely at her meaty shaved pussy suddenly flicks on, and Charlotte lets out a girlish gasp that is quickly accompanied by pleasant sighs and a smile.


Our girl grasps the ropes that bind her wrists as she looks down at the vibrator thrumming at her helpless crotch, and she realizes that she has no power over how much stimulation she’s going to get or how many orgasms are going to be wrenched out of her vulnerable peach. Her beautiful breasts wobble above with her nipples unceasingly stiff as she confronts the pleasure of being totally powerless and at the mercy of our bondage.

Her squeals mix with moans and little whispered words like “yes yes yes” as the toy sends her over the top again and again. Our Fragile Slave cameras come in tight and get all the angles you crave so that you can almost inhale the heady warmth of Charlotte’s thighs and exposed clam as she submits to the Hitachi! That toy gets her bucking her pelvis up in the air as if she’s trying to catch every last vibration against her clit. And just imagine raining your own hot load all over her shaking tummy or quivering titties as she cums in blessed relief in her fantastic new movie for us!

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