Charlotte Stict Rope Hogtie Escape

Charlotte Cross finds herself in quite a bondage predicament! Clad in black panties and a black halter top, laying on her bare tummy on the floor, hogtied with her high-heel clad feet pulled up toward her arms with blue rope, she manages to wiggle her right hand out of her restraints and then quickly undoes the left. Next off is the black bit style red ball gag which fills her lips; she tosses it aside with contempt. Nobody is going to keep Charlotte down for long!

Moving onto her back, she thinks for a moment, drumming her fingers on her belly, and then she shifts again onto her stomach so that she can reach around and undo the hogtie. Our camera moves around and observes Charlotte from different angles so we can see her progress…or lack of it! Her strong young thighs pitch upward as she struggles to get out of her bondage bind. It’s not that simple to undo the intricate knots we’ve put her in! Maybe letting her think it was going to be easy is just a tease?

She sighs and grunts in frustration after finding it impossible to undo ropes keeping her feet pulled up behind her. It’ll take all her strength and ingenuity to get out of this fix. Will Charlotte escape? Let’s just say she has a cute smile of quiet triumph at the end!


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