Girl Next Door Straight Jacketed

When we first see Nickey Huntsman in her photos, she’s still standing and, though clad in her straight jacket but not with her arms yet bound, wears her specs for the sexy nerd, scholarly, librarian look—and pulls off that look even though she’s naked from the titties down!! But then we rather quickly see her, in both pix and video, laying trussed up in the leather straight jacket with her arms crossed and immobilized, a black ball gag in her mouth, and her feet in black high heel ankle boots tightly tied together. Naturally our trusty Hitachi wand is snugly ensconced against the warmth of her bare pussy. She lays on a large black rubber mat in the middle of the warehouse floor.


Suddenly the Hitachi goes on and Nickey starts to moan through her gag, her eyes closed as the waves of stimulation hit her core and spread throughout her helpless form. Her nipples are hard as her gasps and groans fill the air and she bites down on the ball gag, her whole body rocking with the rhythm of the pleasure spreading through her body like ripples on a pond.

The roll of her hips and the pumping of her crotch against the toy is very sexy indeed as she lays on her side, absolutely vulnerable and going nowhere as the toy works its magic on her peach. Our camera gets fantastic views of the vibrator between the fleshy loveliness of her thighs and moons, and with every rocking motion we can see the full dark pink lips of her cunny as they come up momentarily for air before pulling the wand back in tight so Nickey can throw off any pretense of looking innocent or nerdy and is revealed as the multiple-orgasm-craving hottie that she really and truly is! You’ll marvel at her in this new Fragile Slave thriller. The sound of her mouth slurping in her own drool against the gag is hot stroke material in itself, and in her bondage her nipples and titties look so ripe for fondling that they burn themselves memorably into our wank banks!

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