Krysta Standing and Spread

Intensely tattooed Krysta Kaos stands casually yet provocatively before us first in her photos, an eye-filling gallery of bizarre ink decorating her lithe and slender body. Peeling out of her transparent black lace nylon teddy and getting naked, she looks inquisitively at us as her reddish brunette tresses tumble down in front of one eye: mysterious, wondering. Then in her movie she is no longer free, but bound by wrists pulled above and secured by leather cuffs to the top of the bondage frame. Below, her high heel-shod feet with their dark polished toenails are also bound: in ankle cuffs and connected by a spreader bar. Above, she also wears a heavy leather collar; below, underneath the tattoo of an enthusiastic cartoon bunny over her shaved pussy, is the Hitachi wand, rigid on its metal stand and pointed against her shaved slit.


The vibrator flicks on and soon we see (from a great low angle shooting up) how Krysta starts to feel aroused, with little cries leaving her lips. She pants and her eyes narrow as the pleasure builds. Our camera comes very near and pans down from her wrists to the smoothness of her naked armpits and to her cute little breasts. She squeezes her thighs against the head of the Hitachi as she leans back against her rope bondage.

The speed of the toy is increased and Krysta shuts her eyes tightly and begins to let out louder and louder squeals, bucking on the device as it looks like that rabbit above her pussy is cheering her on to more and more cums! She even lifts herself off the floor and just hangs by her wrists as her legs curl and twist in the sheer pleasure of her bondage orgasms in this hot new Fragile Slave movie.

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