Toned Hottie Tied and Tormented with Orgasms

Brunette hottie Cheyenne Jewel and her all natural tight, toned, strong-looking body are in a bondage orgasm predicament! Once she got out of her pretty blue bra and blue and white panties, we get her wrists tied tight above her with rope and her ankles tethered to the floor with rope as well.  She can flex her red-polished toes all she wants, but she’s going nowhere. After all, there’s a Hitachi wand clamped to her shaved pussy, and it’s got work to do…


So Cheyenne writhes in her rope bondage, and lets out gasps and sighs verging on crying through her red ball gag, but all her strength and flexibility are not going to get her out of the bondage orgasms she’s fated for as she stands barefoot in the middle of the frame, subject to the buzzing throb of the vibrator.

Her light brown nipples, the size of quarters, are hard throughout, and she moans and fidgets her fingers and raises her gray eyes upward as if in prayer while she groans and whimpers in helplessness. You can almost feel the tautness of her tummy as our Fragile Slave camera moves down along her vulnerable body, and you’ll feast on the image of her sexy but restrained feminine strength as she stands on her tiptoes and surrenders to the inevitable explosions in her cornered cunny!

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