Summer Spanking Session

Black-haired Bianca Stone is definitely inspired to give Summer Hart a spanking session once she gets a look at the girly-girl redhead’s truly peachy posterior! First Bianca has Summer turn around and show off her lush cleavage and sexy young body in her black bra, panties, garters and nylon stockings, and then she gets a sample of a Summer lap dance. “Bounce off me!” says Bianca as Summer moves up and down on that lap, even as Bianca covers Summer’s mouth with her hand.

Next Summer straddles Bianca’s lap with her legs extended back, and Bianca decides to warm up Summer’s cheeks, which are a little cold. And in no time Bianca smacks a little pink into her friend’s bountiful buns, jiggling all the exciting flesh too. Bianca reaches over and covers Summer’s mouth again for a little breathplay as she continues spanking the Hart heinie, leaving Summer panting afterward.

Then they shift into another position for spanking, with Summer standing and leaning over Bianca’s left shoulder while the spanker squeezes that juicy caboose before going off on an extended riff of almost rhythmic cheek slapping that gets Summer sighing in her girlish voice. But the fun isn’t over yet as Bianca gives her little “pain slut” some more breathplay and makes that ass even pinker in this fun Fetish Pros adventure!

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