Barbary Box Cuff Escape Challenge

From the git-go in both her escape challenge movie and photos, we see curvy and heavily tattooed redhead Barbary Rose on her stomach on the deserted warehouse floor, triple leather cuffs box tying her arms heavily behind her. Her ankles have thick cuffs too; strong straps on her upper arms render her totally unable to do anything; and she suffers the additional humiliation of a face harness and red ball gag to complete a picture of ultimate vulnerability. Her black high heels, leather shorts, and halter might have been for a fun night out on the town, but instead she’s going to struggle and writhe and try to elude her bondage.

Moving from side to side, Barbary lets out little moans and sighs as she tries to rise up to the escape challenge so formidably presented to her thoroughly subdued body. At first, our camera is right there on the floor with Miss Rose, then moves up to survey her body wriggling in ever-growing futility with her iridescent gray fingernails trying to helplessly scrape at the wrist cuffs. Her expression gets wider and more hopeless as she drools from her ball gagged lips and as she tugs her left hand, attempting to extract it from the cuffs. There is the persistent panting and thumping of her shoes on the floor as she goes nowhere in her efforts to finesse this escape challenge…

“I can’t get out, it’s too tight!” she finally mumbles, and we can only smile and acknowledge Barbary’s luscious and entertaining defeat before our ever-vigilant Fetish Pros lens!

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