Spread Eagle Electric Play

As this new scene of electric play opens, we see cute blonde Violet October blindfolded and spread eagle on the warehouse mat, wrists and ankles secured with black rope, her pale white body clad only in a wispy bra and panties. Standing over her is green-haired Paige Pierce, eager to playfully experiment in electro-stimulation on Violet with a buzzy violet wand.

Soon Violet feels the wand moving all over her body from her feet on up to her shaved pussy and further up to her nipples and even on her tongue which Paige tugs out with her fingers! The electric play really seems to delight both the giver and the taker!

Giggling and writhing under the effect of this electric play toy, Violet then feels Paige snipping away her bra and panties with a scissors. Naked now except for the bonds which keep her stretched out and vulnerable, Violet then experiences metal clamps tugging on her helpless pussy and then on her nipples. But what really sends her twitching on her way to orgasm land is the Hitachi wand which Paige artfully applies to Violet’s lovely snatch. See it all in this new scene on Fetish Pros, over twenty minutes of spunky lesbian femdom and bondage!

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