Straitjacket Job Interview

Dolly Leigh comes for her first job interview after college—at a straitjacket company! To get the “feel” of the merchandise she’ll be selling, Dolly submits to the experience of being put in one of the jackets by personnel lady Missy Minks. After strapping her in the warm, bulky jacket, Missy wants to see if Dolly can get out of it—and of course Dolly can’t. But when company head Andrea Rosu arrives to meet the interviewee, she’s shocked to see the loose and sloppy job Missy has done with the straps on Dolly’s jacket. “We like things tight around here. We sell an item intended to immobilize,” Andrea explains in a silky tone as she demonstrates by wrapping Missy in a straitjacket of her own, “and we need to make sure that no one can get out of this.” Then the fun really ramps up once both Missy and Dolly are strapped in. Dolly can’t help but wise off to Andrea and is rewarded with a ball gag, and Missy can’t zip the lip either so she gets one too. The girls attempt to talk with the gags as they sit crouched on the floor in their straitjackets, so to quiet them down Andrea decides a little vibrator treatment is called for with a pair of Hitachis on their crotches as the girls drool on their gags and squirm as they helplessly try to slip out of their bonds. Happily Dolly ends up with an orgasm, although whether she gets the job is left hanging as she and Missy are left alone in their straitjackets as Andrea goes off to lunch!

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