Bella Suspended in Straitjacket

Barefoot, with her ankles bound and hovering over the floor, naughty Bella is suspended and wrapped in a straitjacket! What could she have done?? Dolly Leigh comes in, very pretty in black and pink bra, garter belt, matching panties, and stockings, and taunts Bella about having cheated in a dance contest. Bella frowns and denies her allegations, but Dolly smacks her with a paddle to show she’s wise to all her tricks! Dolly decides to have some fun with Bella, who’s clearly going nowhere. She introduces bad Bella to her big throbbing wand, pressing it against Bella’s crotch. Even though Bella is wearing panties, the vibrations penetrate deeply as Dolly continues to interrogate her about the various dishonest things she’s done as a member of the dance team. Soon Bella’s body starts surrendering to the pleasure of the vibe even as Dolly keeps uncovering more and more of the underhanded behavior that Bella practiced, like stealing dance routines. Dolly denies Bella an orgasm just as she gets to the brink, and Bella pouts and writhes in her straitjacket, feeling the full embarrassment of not just her bondage but her exposure as a slutty little sneak whose lying mouth deserves to be ball gagged too! And when Bella finally does get to cum, clever Dolly makes sure it’s as much humiliation as relief!

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