VictoriaLacy Rope Hogtie Training

Newcomer VictoriaLacy shyly kneels on the carpet while Dolly Leigh demonstrates how to hogtie her. Both girls look so cute in their bikinis, Dolly in a white one that shows off her cleavage and VictoriaLacy in a pink halter-style one. Dolly explains in her girlish voice what she’s doing as she crisscrosses VictoriaLacy’s chest with the ropes, telling her “I don’t want you getting out, do I?” to which VictoriaLacy smiles shyly. Then Dolly lays VictoriaLacy on her tummy and first ties VictoriaLacy’s knees together, then her ankles, with firm knots, explaining carefully the whole process and making sure VictoriaLacy feels good as it proceeds. Then Dolly lifts up VictoriaLacy’s legs and ankles and bare feet up behind her and ties them with rope to her back, before finally telling VictoriaLacy to “box” her arms behind her so that she can tie her wrists securely. With her face against the carpet, VictoriaLacy thoroughly submits to the bondage, softly saying “okay” when Dolly warns her the hogtie might be a little tight. Then as she finishes up, Dolly asks VictoriaLacy how it feels and the girl replies, “I can’t move,” and soon Dolly leaves the squirming girl on the floor, attempting to escape but realizing it’s impossible!

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