Roxanne and Serena Escape Challenge

From the moment we first see them, Roxanne Rae and Serena Blair are in the middle of their struggle to escape from the tight rope bondage that restrains their arms and legs as they sit naked on the warehouse floor. Suddenly Roxanne makes startling progress in meeting the escape challenge, freeing her wrists from the maroon ropes. But does she have the advantage?? No, because out of her blue ropes slides Serena, and she beats Roxanne to grabbing the fiercely-desired Hitachi wand. Roxanne seems in such a hurry to grab an orgasm she almost forgets to take out her ball gag! But then she does remove it and the girls cooperatively press the wand between their pussies, snuggling their bare boxes around the throbbing vibe. It’s so sexy to see these bespectacled lesbian hotties humping the toy uncontrollably, riding it together and groaning into each other’s face and feeling each other up as they bond with smiles and passionate kisses!

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