Wet Escape Challenge

Asia and Daisy are sitting naked on the floor, their wrists tied in bondage to their knees, and it’s clear from the outset that Daisy is really way ahead in this challenge! Gleefully the quickly-freed curvy-haired beauty leaps up and grabs the Hitachi wand. Even though Asia achieves her own escape only mere moments later, Daisy has won and her reward is that she can do whatever she wants to the slender blue-haired Asian minx. Daisy chortles in delight as she presses the throbbing vibrator against the Perez pussy, getting the situation well in hand despite a laughing Asia trying to writhe out of her grasp. Soon enough Asia blows out a gushing g-spot orgasm all over the floor, a gleaming puddle of girl giz beneath their bodies and feet!! But Daisy is not finished; as the winner of the challenge, she wants to cum too, and she kneels next to Asia and masturbates furiously with hand and Hitachi!

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