Arielle Bound, Gagged ,and Stripped

Arielle Aquinas looks fetching indeed on the bondage bed, barefoot with red toenail polish and dressed in gray leggings and a black top. Her ankles and wrists are bound in cuffs and chained to the frame, and Lydia Black completes Arielle’s “damsel in distress” look with a red ball gag and a black goggle-style blindfold. The cute writhing blondie looks so ivory white and vulnerable! Lydia tears open Arielle’s top to expose the girl’s titties, and then she cuts apart her leggings with a scissor to expose the girl’s sweet shaved pie. But one more detail remains: nipple clamps, which Lydia tugs at until she finds just the right tightness. Well, after this treatment, we just know Arielle is in for inescapable arousal from the Hitachi wand, which Lydia cleverly tapes to her thigh. The girlish groans come fast as Lydia leaves the restrained girl squirming, only returning later to guide Arielle to wet bondage orgasms in her helpless hole!

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