Helpless, Legs Bound Wide, and Made to Cum

Violet October is cuffed spread eagle to the floor, naked in her half-shaved pussy glory, with a bit between her teeth, as an equally naked Arielle Aquinas walks into the scene to tickle her, slap her thighs, and try to tease her cunny. But when Violet tries to writhe out of Arielle’s grasp, Arielle tugs on her bonds to spread her arms and legs even wider. Arielle really gets into playfully punching Violet’s boobies, and Violet’s zany screams really please her. Then it’s time for the Hitachi, applied to groaning and laughing Violet’s nipples, legs, and then down to her coochie. Violet sure makes a lot of noise, groaning and squealing as Arielle smacks her nude body and keeps the vibrator on her clit. The punching thing continues too as Arielle gives light but firm blows on Violet’s legs and tits even as Violet writhes out a bondage orgasm. But Arielle wants to see more climaxes, and she gets them!

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