Barefoot Cassandra Helplessly Bound in Cuffs and Straps

Cassandra Cain is restrained mightily with cuffs and straps that cross over and around her body in purple satin bra and panties. She’s sitting up, but her legs are frogtied, her arms are bound behind her, and her neck is tethered with cuff and straps that extend down and around to her crotch. Humiliatingly barefoot, and moaning into her ball gag, Cassandra strains against the straps and doesn’t even seem to know where to even begin to escape. She struggles, flexes her fingers behind her, but the several straps that bind her arms give her an opportunity to wiggle and little else. Her frustration grows. Her helplessness and captivity seem endless. She looks skyward for a moment or two, but then closes her eyes as she continues to fight with futility at her bondage fate…until some last minute unbuckling behind her back offers hope, but which comes too late. Cassandra is going nowhere, and that’s that.

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