Naked Frogtied Sonia Harcourt Helpless on Her Back

Sonia Harcourt is nude, her legs frogtied with straps, her thighs spread wide so that Lydia Black can delight in having access to that helpless pussy. Sonia’s ankles are in thick leather cuffs and her wrists are secured down to the floor. Lydia savors the redhead’s sweet crotch and ripe pink nipples. While Sonia pants and sighs, Lydia applies the buzzing Hitachi wand to that redhead pussy. “Please make me cum!” gasps Sonia, but Lydia instead smacks Sonia’s thighs and titties and tantalizes her with delicious denial until she decides to allow Sonia to finally have a toe-curling climax. But Lydia is hardly done with her vulnerable bondage victim, kissing her neck and tits, then deciding to sit her pantyhosed ass down on Sonia’s face even as she leans over to lick the redhead’s snatch in a little sixty-nine action. Then Lydia gives Sonia yet another bondage orgasm while her face is buried under that sexy Black butt!

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