Arielle Aquinas Tickles and Tortures Hogtied Rachel Adams’ Naked Soles

On her tummy, clad in shorts and top, ball-gagged, hogtied and frogtied with straps, Rachel Adams wriggles, trying to escape. Her arms are helplessly behind her in a black bondage sleeve. Arielle Aquinas removes Rachel’s sneakers, tickles her socked feet, and then taps her soles with a thick cane. Then, taking off her prisoner’s socks, Arielle gently strikes with increasingly thinner canes even as she tickles Rachel’s bare feet too. Arielle takes out the gag so Rachel can count the whippiest cane’s strokes from 1-25. Then Arielle stuffs Rachel’s socks in the girl’s mouth, duct-tapes them securely, and lets the cute bondagette go back to struggling!Pretty barefoot Anastasia Rose is secured in a chair with her arms behind her, as Lydia Black tries out all the canes on those vulnerable soles, trapped in stocks with big toes tied together. Once Lydia gets those helpless arches reddened and ripe, Anastasia can’t hold back her moans and groans! She is blindfolded from the git-go, but later when her eyes are uncovered she is clearly on the verge of tears. A slapper also really gets the gasps from Anastasia. Then it’s time for the countdown, which Anastasia messes up and has to start over. Will this nervous cutie ever finish her numbers to earn Miss Lydia’s approval??

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