Hogtied Arielle Aquinas Bound and Boxtied with Heavy Cuffs and Straps

Her arms box-tied with thick black cuffs and buckles, her ankles and bare feet hogtied to her wrists, Arielle Aquinas squeals softly through her red ball gag. Our camera is down on floor level where Arielle struggles on her stomach, then we move up to capture the higher angle on this cutie in her bondage predicament. Arielle tugs her arms against the cuffs, and finally frees her prettily red-manicured hands. Laying with her face against the floor, close to the spot of drool she leaked through the gag, Arielle works like Houdini to undo the straps which have turned her into a seemingly vulnerable blonde damsel in bondage distress…until she shows that she is made of sterner stuff, getting out of the hogtie, arching back to free her ankles from the cuffs, and after taking off all the complicated paraphernalia of straps and buckles attached to her midsection, pulling out that ball gag with a smiling “whew” of relief!

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