Maya Straitjacket Bound Sybian Orgasms

Maya Kendrick looks understandably wary when she finds her arms and torso wrapped in a straitjacket and bound with her pantied pussy pressed against the Sybian saddle! Arielle Aquinas supervises in her best “diabolical brat” style, her blonde ponytails jiggling as she smacks Maya’s bare thighs and rachets up the speed on the Sybian’s remote control. The helpless redhead squeals as the Sybian throbs beneath her, promising inescapable climaxes.

Arielle presses her captive’s crotch snugly against the vibrating seat, but Maya eventually gets into the rhythm of it too, rocking against the Sybian. With groans and cries, Maya hits one bondage orgasm after another while Arielle pats her pussy. “Oh I love it when you beg for more!” says Arielle, ramping up the speed on the saddle until Maya’s eyes almost roll back into her head. “Gimme one more!” says Arielle, and when Maya quickly does, Arielle rewards her with a hug like the “good precious girl” Maya clearly is!

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