Escape Challenge for Brunette in Rope Hogtie

Flat on her stomach, clad only in a red sports bra and black shorts, Cassandra Cain’s ankles are hogtied with rope to her wrists. She writhes, her body constantly rubbing against the floor; she sighs through her red ball gag in exhausted frustration, turns over on her back, and flexes her fingers and bare toes. But how juicy deep is her cleavage when she’s on her back with her arms so snug behind her! Will this tough-looking brunette find a way out of her rope bondage predicament? Her fingers reach for the knots restraining her ankles, but it just seems so impossible. So she switches to the ropes on her wrists. Still, there are so many knots to undo…our camera is right down on the floor in front of Cassandra, capturing her every squint of anxiety and stress. We can even see a gleaming drop of drool hanging on her gag…nope, this ponytailed beauty looks bound to stay!

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