Rope Restrained Dolly wearing Inflatable Gag Harness

If we didn’t already know it was her, we wouldn’t recognize Dolly Leigh in the ominous black leather face harness as she wriggles on the floor in rope bondage, wearing only a white and green bra and green leggings. She whimpers under the harness but seems utterly helpless as she thumps her bare feet against the floor. Dolly sounds like a trapped animal, in fact, and we can hear the drool puddling in her face mask. Her moaning and sighs make for an audio symphony of submission, and our camera captures her on floor level in all her vulnerability. Her sexy bare midriff, though, invites all kinds of fantasies…tickle-tickle, perhaps? Dolly sounds more feisty as time goes on, even as the tight ropes that restrain her upper arms and wrists seem to have defeated her from the git-go. Maybe she hopes her mewling will bring a hero to rescue her from this damsel-in-distress dilemma?

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