Tegan Triumphs over Violet in Escape Challenge

Wow, busty brunette Tegan Tate wins this bondage escape challenge right from the git-go! Barely a few seconds go by and she gets out of her bonds, meaning that she will have lots more time than usual to tease and torment her competitor Violet October, who has NEVER won one of these. Tegan quickly slips out of the straps that had her restrained, as Violet lays there vulnerable and helpless on her tummy. With her hands secured behind her, her mouth stuffed with a red ball gag, Violet is vulnerable to being tickled and tantalized with the Hitachi wand, which giggling Tegan uses to pleasure herself too as Violet tries to reach the buckles that bind her ankles and wrists. Violet shrieks at the tickling but makes no progress in managing to escape. Hmm, maybe she DOESN’T want to! Really, why would she, when Tegan obligingly puts the vibrator between Vi’s thighs to send her off to bondage orgasm land!

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