Escape Challenge: Lydia Black vs Kendra Lynn

The girls draw cards and Kendra gets the higher number so Lydia draws the bondage method. Lydia goes first. We see her ring-gagged, her arms struggling in box ties with belts, her legs tied to her ankles. Lydia efficiently moves from her back to her haunches and manages to get out of the whole kaboodle. Then overly confident, chesty Kendra finds herself frustrated as she struggles with lots of sighs and noise. When it looks like she’s not getting anywhere, Lydia lords it over her, putting up Kendra’s hair with the one belt she did get out of. Officially the loser, Kendra ends up in doggy style, her bare ass up with her wrists tied to her knees. Lydia ball-gags her and then bangs her from behind with a red dildo. To finish the humiliation, she then has Kendra suck her own juices off the strapon, then leaves her to try to get out of her new restraints–if she can, which is doubtful!

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