Arielle Aquinas vs Red August

Arielle Aquinas wins first draw, so Red August pulls the bondage method card–frogtie–and Arielle selects ring gag. Arielle sits above watching as Red, restrained on her stomach in the leather belts, her wrists and ankles cuffed, rolls around barefoot. We can see her cameltoe in yoga pants as she stretches in her struggles. Cleavage views too. Finally Red manages to escape, and it’s Arielle’s turn. She too has a hard time, rolling this way and that, reaching underneath to grasp at the belts, but finally succeeds and actually beats Red’s time. So Red, bound on her back with straps, waits on the bench for Arielle’s purple strapon. Arielle takes off Red’s ball gag so Red can suck her, and then when Arielle’s satisfied the shaft is wet enough, Red is put in the doggystyle position, frogtied too. Arielle can’t even wait to pull down Red’s yoga pants–she just rips them off, and fucks Red good and deep to bondage orgasms.

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