Blushing Pink Arielle Aquinas Squirts Girl Juice As She Orgasms!

Curvy and nude Arielle Aquinas, bound to a frame on the floor with straps over her legs and arms, beams happily as Stephie Starr caresses her. Stephie smacks Arielle’s thighs all over, but it’s the tickling of her sides and soles that really gets Arielle squealing. “You like some pain with your pleasure?” “Yes, Mistress, thank you Mistress!” answers Arielle, and then she demonstrates how much pleasure she can feel during pain as Stephie tugs on her nipples and applies the Hitachi wand directly on Arielle’s open clam. Her bare titties shaking, her tummy trembling, Arielle’s brow furrows as she suddenly hits a bondage orgasm that drenches the floor between her thighs while her face turns a bright helpless pink. “Oh fuck fuck fuck!” Arielle cries out, turning into a virtual girl-cum machine. “I love how much you made a mess!” declares Stephie, “now sit in your pleasure mess!” And Stephie leaves the blonde to squirm and recover all on her own!

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