Laila Mayhem Drools Helplessly as Lydia Black Makes Her Cum

Laying on her tummy, Laila Mayhem’s wrists and ankles are bound with cuffs to the bondage table and frame. Lydia Black is delighted to see how Laila’s legs are lifted and spread. Slapping the redhead’s ivory ass, Lydia sniffs at Laila’s cheeks and panties, then sticks her own ass in Laila’s face–since the ginger babe’s head is vulnerably held up in place with a harness and rope attached to the same frame that restrains her legs. Lydia smacks Laila’s butt with a slapper, then brings out the Hitachi vibrator, making Laila’s thighs (one of which has a tattoo of a model in bondage) quiver as she hits a climax. Watch for the intense shot of a continuous stream of drool pouring out under the ball gag in Laila’s mouth. And her moans provide quite a soundtrack! It all continues for several more minutes of butt-slapping and orgasms. Finally, Lydia leaves Laila alone, with the Hitachi buzzing in place on the helpless bondagette’s box.

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