Anastasia Rose Begs to Finally Cum on the Sybian

Anastasia Rose is naked in rope bondage, her arms box-tied as she sits on the Sybian. Arielle Aquinas plays with her tits, smacking them over and over, which Anastasia loves. Then Arielle turns on the saddle, low, while she keeps slapping the Rose boobs. Bending over Anastasia for some spanking, Arielle increases the Sybian’s speed, encouraging Anastasia to grind on the saddle’s dildo attachment. “Oh this is the best feeling ever, holy shit!” cries Anastasia, but when she’s really close to climaxing, Arielle turns off the saddle, leaving Anastasia hanging. She starts it up again and stops it. Soon Anastasia begs Arielle “pretty please!” to keep the Sybian on so her pussy can finally explode in bondage orgasms. But because Anastasia makes so much noise, Arielle first puts a red ball gag in her mouth, as well as a heavy duty blindfold on her eyes, to keep Anastasia completely at her mercy for the final phase of her Sybian session!

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