Baby Sid Bound, Gagged & Groped for Cheerleader Squad Hazing

In a dramatic opening, Lydia Black subdues Baby Sid, binding her to a chair with straps, cuffs, locks, and a black hood. She explains why Sid is being disciplined: it’s a hazing to see if Sid will be allowed to join Lydia’s cheerleading team! Lydia takes off Sid’s hood and we see her gagged and blindfolded. Smacking Sid’s thighs with paddles and slappers while fondling her, Lydia says, “If you want to join our team you’ll have to get used to a little groping!” Next she takes off Sid’s sneakers and socks and slaps her sensitive pantyhose soles. Then to confuse and pleasure Sid at the same time, she applies the Hitachi as the redhead moans in arousal through her black ball gag! But “you don’t get to cum yet,” warns Lydia, and smacks Sid harder with a slapper, even on her tits, while buzzing the Hitachi at maximum bondage orgasm speed. Will Sid finally get to cum and make the team??

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